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Jacqueline Harrison, the Founder and CEO of JaDour, is a Master Stylist with over 20 years of experience in creating unique, healthy, and glowing hairstyles. She is skilled in weaving techniques and precise trendy haircuts that her clients rave about. Furthermore, she is a Certified Colorist and has continued to perfect her skills in coloring to this day. Make-Up Artistry has always been a passion of Jacqueline’s and she continues to hone her skills to give any face she touches, the most exquisite look she can achieve. The foundation for Jacqueline’s skills come from being acounter-trained artist for M.A.C. Cosmetics and a Regional Midwest Artist for Bobbi Brown. Her portfolio includes working with high-fashion models, a host of brides, photographers, and celebrity designers. Congenially, she has been identified as Make-Up Artist of the Year from Salon Lofts by her peers.

JaDour is a brand about highlighting and enhancing the beauty of professional women. Or as Jacqueline herself likes to call them, her “Gem’s”. However, at JaDour, we have a belief in our vision about professional women that extends to the thought that every woman is a Gem and that all women can become organized and self-motivated fashionist as. “My vision is for JaDour to grow in cosmetics, expanding diversity for every shade of woman.” As Jacqueline continues to state, “The quintessential truth is my goal has always been to make every woman not only look, but feel beautiful.”
JaDour has the responsibility of capturing the beauty of every woman by catering professional products suited to her every need. When using JaDour Beauty Brand products, the user can expect high-color payoff and beautiful, rich pigmentation. Our products can help you achieve the simple or runway-style looks you are going for. Additionally, for years as a Hair Stylist, Jacqueline Harrison has felt exceptional customer service is at the heart of her business. JaDour aims to take the same core value and instill it into our business practices creating a heritage of reliability and satisfied customers to come.
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